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    HJ, BDM, DJ and JM achievement badge serial numbers

    Admin Edit: please note that this thread is currently inactive. It was last updated on: 12th January 2010

    this thread was very interesting on the last forum and after a discussion on another thread we thought it was a good option to bring it back.

    So, we're looking for the lowest and highest badge numbers out there. These can be either your own badges or badges you come across on your internet travels. Please post pics of the badge or the document showing the badge number!

    Here's the current list (last updated 26.04.2011):

    DJ Achievement badge
    Lowest: 49285 mark
    Highest: 219060 Awarded 22.9.42 to Johann Roll Bann 381

    HJ Achievement badge (black)
    Lowest: 5339 Awarded 20.6.36 to Hansgerd Schorling of Solingen-Merscheid. Bann 232
    Highest: 94092 Awarded 9.5.40 to Hans Speckbacher Bann 320

    HJ Achievement badge (bronze)

    Lowest: 3018
    Highest: 216017

    HJ Achievement badge (silver)
    Lowest: 862
    Highest: 312679

    JM Achievement badge

    Lowest: 56732 lauri
    Highest: 186690

    BDM Achievement badge (bronze)
    Lowest: 5613
    Highest: 180470

    BDM Achievement badge (silver)
    Lowest: 121
    Highest: 3849

    Golden leaders sport badge
    Lowest: 184
    Highest: 13715 stu

    HJ honour badge (HJ-Ehrenzeichen)
    Lowest: 100 garry
    Highest: 76534 stu

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    Nice one Stu. I have the following (pics of all badges are on the forum):

    Golden honour - 100
    Black - 92646
    Bronze - 36496
    Silver - 5024
    DJ - 130760
    JM - 115105
    BDM bronze - 10998
    Golden Leader - 8955

    (Your BDM silver is 886)
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    all added thanks gar was going to double check the silver number tmoz lol

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    My numbered black HJ proficiency badge are:

    1) 47208

    2) 53045


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    My numbered bronze HJ proficiency badges are:

    1) 26672

    2) 32032

    3) 46448


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    I only have one numbered DJ proficiency badge; the number is 49285.


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    I have a HJ proficiency badge in silver. The number is 92888.



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    all numbers that are lowest or highest numbers have been added

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    Thanks Stu.


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    New one for the list Stu. HJ Achievement silver 312679
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