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    HJ/DJ proficiency badge solid black??

    Hello all, I am interested in buying a iron(black) DJ proficiency badge, maker is
    101 of course Gustav Brehmer. It has a six digit number to the reverse. My question is do they come solid black with no silver lettering or swastika? The one I am looking at is solid black, no silver showing, I have seen one on another forum but have about run out of luck getting an answer on these. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for any help, Bruce

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    Hi Folks, well after a lot of research...way to much, I decided to purchase the proficiency badge. My pics don't do the badge justice but the black finish is almost 100%. It appears to be zinc, I take it that's why there is no exposed lettering as seen on cupal types.

    100_0486.jpg 100_0487.jpg 100_0487.jpg 100_0488.jpg

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    Hi Michaelc

    So that you can compare, I enclose pics of my badge - mine is without
    , because it is made before the
    -time, and also has a very low no., as you can se on the pics.

    dj 003.jpgdj 004.jpg


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    Hi Michael, I also have an unmarked, other than the issue number iron type, that's the one I show to compare the solid black version made of what I believe to be zinc. I haven't seen many of the black zinc ones so I hope to see more examples. That is a fine example you have there and thanks for showing

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