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    HJ Ehrennadel in Bronze for the HJ Kampfspiele 1942 - Souval fake?

    This badge seems to have the bad enamel finish indicative of the fakes but the reverse of the fakes usually has an
    stamp where this one is marked Souval. I don't know enough to say whether this is fake or good. What do you guys think?

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    i dont know but the swirly swastika would put me off

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    I don't like this one Garry. The enamel paint looks sloppilly applied and the stipling in the diamond looks really odd. I'm not a badge collector but I would pass on this for a more accepted version personally.

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    seriously i did have agreat pic of an original one but cant seem to find it at the mo, will have another look

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    Yes fake i think. Here is a picture of an original in my collection.

    Regards Tomas


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    Thanks guys. Nice badge Tomas

    Here is a picture of Toby's Kampfspiele badge which also shows the enamel nicely:

    Here is a recent thread showing a fake but this time with
    and maker mark:

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