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    Home-made HJ Golden Leader mini

    Really interesting badge. Apparently it was part of a set of achievement badges and minis apparently all from the same person. All of the badges look fine but in amongst them was this mini of the HJ Führersportabzeichen which I think is a home-made period badge. The person who made it has put a mini HJ achievement badge into the outer ring of some other item, possibly part of a brooch or something. Nice little oddity I think.

    leader_small2.jpg leader_small1.jpg leader_small4.jpg leader_small3.jpg

    and an original as a comparison:


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    I`d sell my mother for that i would. Its good stuff no matter how you look at it.

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    Great isn't it :)

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    i would prefer that one, over a MINT normal mini-gold.. that's the strange guy i am.

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    So, would it command a higher price because it's one of a kind, or a lower price because it's not an official "real" example. For example, I believe there were instances of EK2's being awarded as RK's when none were available, but I wouldn't want to pay the full RK price for what is still essentially an EK2.

    The mini is a great conversation piece though and something nobody else is gonna have in their collection.

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    Think about this one... this is an amazing piece of history, and for me what collecting is all about. Used, abused, adapted, created... i would trade a mint one for this one any day of the week.

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    I'd rather have both but I know what you mean :)

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