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    Dj/HJ jungbann 343 1936 sportfest day badge

    Sportfest Jungbann 343 Stadion Frankenthal 1936

    Hi Guys just seen this tinnie on the Allied and Axis Military web site it looks a real beauty for you tinnie collectors UK Web site price £75


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    It is a real beauty. Hopefully it will end up here in the Forum.

    If I wasnt looking into Reichsberufswettkampf badges, that Tinnie will be on the way to Munich.

    Thanks for the Tip, Steve!!



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    Nice badge. Interesting that the design for the DJ achievement badge used by the maker here is the same as the design shown on the order that introduced the DJ achievement badge. As we know, that design was changed before the DJ achievement badge went into production.

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    Hi Garry yes it is interesting hope some of our tinnie colectors grab this one i have never seen it before

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    Well, at the end, this Tinnie was sold.... did anybody in this forum get his hands on it?



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