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    there also one at allied and axis for £185 if you want it aswell! :D

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    Interesting that nobody at this time so far that has taken the poll has rated this as "GENUINE" !

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    All I really need is something simple ... DOCUMENTED evidence that this badge existed pre May 1945 .
    Right, that is all we need. A pre 1945 photo might be a good start. So let's wait till then.

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    Germania International $225,.
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    As Ewan stated, Allied and Axis, only £185.-
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    Herman Historica also believes they are real, and "Selten" ?
    Where is this SELTEN, and HARD TO FIND pitch coming from? by the looks of it, they are all over the place?

    Funny how most collectors will say "Stay away from anything with a screw-back" yet pick and chose.. or, go along with the majority of what these Dealers are saying
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    Quote Originally Posted by railhouse View Post
    Hi i have somewhere the urkund for the tablemedal of this hochland badge and i think i have the tinnie doc to i will try to find them
    Any luck with the tinnie document Tomas?

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    Hi no garry i but i think it whas for the 34 tinnie and nott the 36 tinnie i only have the tablemedal other things the that i found 34 post stamp and other doc about the 34 camp i hope i will have time tomorrow to take some pictures and i will digg more in my box

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    Excellent Tomas. Looking forward to that.

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    Ron Wolin Militaria thinks it`s real
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