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    Tinnie and Document Zeltlager/Camp 1936 Hessen Nassau

    Hi all,

    We have seen already that for Gebiet 13, Hessen Nassau has given Documents for the “Zeltlager” events or camps for the years of 1934, 35, 36 and 37. Maybe there are more.

    I would like to show you a small lot for the Zeltlager 1936. In a couple of days I will show you the one for 1935 too. Both recently acquired.

    The document says:

    “The HJ member Herrmann Mueller from the Bann 115 (Darmstadt) has visited the camp between 26th of July 1936 and 1st of July 1936 and authorized to wear the Camp insignia

    (Signed) The Camp director (I can not recognize what means KAMF.)
    (Signed) The Leader of the Gebiet 13 Hessen Nassau, Oberbannführer.”

    Apart from that, the quality and detail of the Tinnie is quite good.



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    Hi nice one and the doc is realy hard to find and they are expensive

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    Amazing find Antonio and great to see


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