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    Tinnies: Oberbergisch and Otto Blöcker

    Hi All,

    I am going to be posting pictures and comments about my 2 new Tinnies. Both from 1933. After, I will take a break to save a bit of Money, The Oktoberfest is coming and well, it is not my favorite Fest, but somehow, I am forced to go. Against my will, you know.

    I will be talking first over "Der Tag der Oberbergischen Jugend" from September 1933. Even if the year wasn't there, it looks like an early one. That sun with the sunrays are quite distinctable.

    Well, we are talking about a Bann, Oberbergischen (later 241) from Gebiet 11, Mittlerhein), Obergebiet West. And the sun, well present in many other Tinnies from this year, represents the symbol of the HJ back them.

    As I said, lovely (and small) Tinnie.

    Later, the Otto Blöcker one.



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    Hi all,

    Well, time to show the second Tinnie. I really admit that I really like it, simple but nice.

    It is the Tinnie number 119, but really my first from a HJ Martyr, Otto Blöcker.

    Otto Blöcker was a member of the HJ and on the 26th of February 1933, he was killed by members of the communist Party in Hamburg. As you know, every dead was taken serious, I believe more for "Propaganda" reasons as for any other.

    Of course, in the publications made later by the party, his name appears too, even 7 years later in the Aufbau und Abzeichen der HJ, in page 14, he is mentioned.

    Well, he may have been not so popular like Herbert Norkus, but for sure his name was used to name a "Gebietsführerschule", as you can see also in the document attached (@ Hueskens) dated 1938. This school would have had that name before 1937 for sure. As you can see the Gebiet is Nordmark (6) and NOT Hamburg (26).

    Well, as usual, if you see something wrong or have something else to be added, please make a comment!!



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    Nice ones

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