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    Vertically marked Deumer HJ honour badge - problem child

    Just found these images on a HD i hardly ever use, so no idea how old they are or where they came from.
    Seeing as we started keeping tracks on the numbers a while back, when i found these, it jumped out at me like a thing that would jump out at you, if if wanted. A jumping thing. Kangaroo or whatever.

    Anyway, the problem is the number grouping with this, which as you`ll see on this thread, belonged to - or is only found at present attributed to - Paulmann und crone.
    Group 50 000 range. And it is not B-marked either, so not a replacement.

    4952303.jpg 4952304.jpg 4952305.jpg

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    Dear Jo,

    This still is a weird bugger. First time I see an example with a seriall number. Do you remember that I once compared the dot pattern and that it is pretty close to the accepted Deumers? They are also very common but that counts also for the Deumer B-version. I still have no idea what to think about them. Just like with the HJ shooting badges, a compleet mess...

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    no idea either at the moment Wim, and also first time i saw a number of one of these..
    i guess just keep eyes open and see if any more surface...

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    To make it even more difficult: It seems that the presses digits are pretty big which is also seen on genuine serial numbered examples with the special safety lock...

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    Interesting badge. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

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    Something else: For a new article I was reading trough some information about the HJ Ehrenzeichen and I came across the following anekdote: The
    held so much value on their old fighters awards that even the GESTAPO came in to action when someone made a mistake. A boy that left the HJ and 'forgot' to return his HJ Ehrenzeichen had the GESTAPO knocking on the door of his fathers house, they took the badge and returned it to the correct gebietsführung.

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