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    HJ Knife?

    Hi all,

    Checking HERE (ex-Detlev Niemann) I have seen the HJ knife in the picture.

    I have never seen a HJ knife with a serrated blade before. Any opinions?



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    I was wondering the same thing. Never seen anything like this one.:confused:

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    I can't access the link without registering. Do you have any other pics?

    From the pic provided, it looks like an original HJ knife and scabbard, however, I would suggest the blade edge has been post-war enhanced. Possibly a damaged edge made good with an enhancement. Personally, I wouldn't pay much for it.


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    The pics show a maker mark "Kuno Ritter" and RZM M 7/3. It sold for 387.00USD as soon as the update came out. It also has some of what may possibly be grind marks of some type so post war enhancement may be likely. I'd still like to hear Evilmikes take on this one.

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    im with russel here from the poor pics which this site is full of( he may have taken over from detlev but at least detlev had good quality pics)it looks like a original HJ that has had the blade shaped for whatever reason, feel sorry for whoever bought it as they will never get their money back

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    from the 1 poor pic looks ok other than some idiot messed the blade up pre 45 no chance unless it was some offical HJ fish descaler for summer camp :laugh:

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