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    HJ knife by Alcoso Solingen

    Found this on the net. Motto (strange etch) and high ricasso but no
    . Alcoso is known as a manufacturer of Wehrmacht daggers but not of HJ knives. Huge rarity or post-war junk?

    alcoso.jpg alcoso3.jpg alcoso2.jpg

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    Where did you find that one Garry - do you have a link?

    I don't believe they made HJ knives but I could be wrong. I don't like the look of the maker mark, would like to see some close up pics of the motto, diamond and maker mark.



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    In my 46 years as a collector in II WW-stuff I have never seen a HJ-knife made by Alcoso. I will not say that I have seen it all, but I would be very careful with this Alcoso-item.


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    Thanks guys. Definitely an oddity isn't it. I don't remember where I found the pics Russ. I had them on my hard drive and came across them when revamping the HJ knife wiki page.

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