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    M7/42 Hitler Youth knife - Question

    Hello fellow Forum members

    I've been looking into this HJ knife from a local dealer on the internet and just had some questions that I've developed since doing
    some of my own research.

    I've noticed the maker mark is
    M7/42 1937 WKC Solingen

    Through my research I found that all through 1937 the motto was etched on the blade.
    From the pictures I don't see the motto. I'm just wondering if its been destroyed from use
    or if i'm not understanding the markings properly.

    I hope you can help, there seems to be lots of helpful people on this site.

    I've attached some photos hopefully they can be of some use.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    any help would be appreciated

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    We have a couple of members who are very good with knives so as soon as they see this thread I'm sure they'll add their thoughts

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    Hi this HJ knife should have the motto but its been buffed away or worn done over the years, i would hold out for a better conditioned piece with good clear motto

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    Odd that there seems to be no trace at all of the motto isn't it. Yes. the order removing the motto was dated 19.5.1938 but it mentions that existing stocks of motto blades were to be pushed out to retail until depleted so manufacturers were afforded some leeway. A theoretical scenario for an authentic HJ knife dated 1937 without motto could be that it was a blade produced in that year but one that had not yet been etched with the motto and was still in the factory awaiting assembly when the order to discontinue the motto was issued. Here's a thread where the timeline of knife production was discussed.

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