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    fotograph of grandfather

    Hello to all the members here.:)

    The fotograph that i post belongs to my grandfather ho's now 80 years old.
    He was born in 1929.

    During the war he was deported from belgium to germany because he skiped school alot.
    His mother was working at a amunition facktory in belgium and her best friend was having a relation whit the comanding officer there.
    He told her that he would fiks the problem of my grandfather not going to school.
    I will make him to learn a somthing a profession.
    She believed him ofcours and so my grandfather was taking to germany.

    The uniform he's wears on the fotograph, he got it in braunschweig that's what he told me.
    Further he told me that he was in magdeburg on a junkers flugzeuge und motorewerke during that time.

    He's a litte a shamed for that time during te war.
    So he dont tell me all what happend there.

    Know my question is does any body know what kind of uniform he's wearing.
    And does anybody knows something about schools that gave such aducation during that time.

    The fotograph was taken in 1943 in may.
    Please look at the shoulderbroads at the rightside of the pic.
    Its not in a verry good condition.

    the first is the original pic.

    And the second is a copy thats bin reworked a litle, i made it brighter so there is more to see.

    Hope this helps in my quest for answers to the history of my grandfather.

    Many thank in advance.
    regards david dp.

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    as far as i can see, he could have been a flakhelfer

    als je nederlands sprekend bent, gelieve me even een pm (private message) te sturen. dit verhaal interesseert me en mss wil uw grootvader wel praten over die tijd. ik ben nl in contact met een nederlander die in ongeveer dezelfde situatie beland is toen.

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    Maybe Flieger-HJ and Militärschüler (military student) at a Flieger-Technischen-Vorschule, or apprentice at Junkers.


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    The details in the shoulder straps are difficult to see. They most definetly appear to be HJ shoulder straps. Flakhelfer had a different style strap without the Bann number on them. The straps in the photo have a Bann number but I cannot read it.

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    Thank to all for the reply's.

    It was my personal thougt that he was whit the HJ because when he told his story he always said that he was at a camp for workers.
    But i know from my grandmother that he was taken to a school or something like that.
    Its because he was ashamed for that time that he didnt told me he was whit the HJ.

    What i remeber from him is that his shoulderstraps had a blue or white striping.

    @ h2oco2: Yes i am duth speaking and i love to have a chat whit you.

    I am sure that he was at magdeburg and had something to do whit junkers und motorewerke.
    But what he was doing there is still a mystery to me and the rest of the family.
    I am the only one ho knows a litte bit of the history and knows of the fotograph.

    If someone knows something more please keep posting here thanks to all who have replyed so swift.

    Many regards to all from david dp.

    PS. i am thankfull for all the help that you gave me already.

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    I take it your grandfather is still living if so my best advice is to tell him you are proud of his service and wish to know more. As with my grandfather who was a WW1 veteran he responded better if I asked him specific questions he could focus on. Good luck learn all you can


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    Hello to all forum members here on this great forum.

    First of all it's bin awhile that i visit here because my grandfather
    was in the hospital a few back.

    He didn't recover from his illnes he had cancer and for awhile it was verry stable.

    He past away on the first of october 5 day's for his birthday he was going to be 80 years old.

    So for me its a big loss because he was like a father to me.

    I never had a chance to ask him about the rest of the story of his time in germany as HJ.

    My only hope that i have is his brother who was there to during war.
    He was not in Magdeburg but in Krefeld.

    I ask't him if he would tell me about my grand fathers past in the HJ
    and he said that he would tell me about it.

    So maybe i will get the full story of my grandfather.

    Could someone please help me out whit this question?
    Whats the differense between a White and blue striping on the schoulderboards because i am not aware of what it means.

    Thanks in advance to all reply's

    Many regards david dp.

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    Hi David. Very sorry to hear your bad news.

    The meaning of the piping depends on the type of strap. Prior to 1936 it signified Oberbann 6 and on the later straps and boards it signified Streifendienst. Same with blue - on the early straps the colour signified Oberbann 4 and later Flieger-HJ.

    Interesting that he was in Braunschweig. You also mentioned that he was in a Motorenwerk. In Braunschweig there was a HJ-Bann comprised of apprentices under training at the Volkswagenwerke (Bann 468 VW - Braunschweig Vorwerk). I wonder if that is the number on the straps he's wearing. Can't see enough detail unfortunately.

    Bann 468 had been a Stamm until being elevated to Bann status in the Spring of 1940. The Bann existed until 1944.

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    Hello Garry.

    Thanks for the condolence Garry.

    Well if i understand it correctly with the early straps the colour indicates where there from, and later on the numbers came on it to see where there from.:confused:

    Well if i rememberit correct the piping was blue on his straps.
    And he whent to germany in 42/43 so tis will make him to be flieger HJ
    Or apprentices at Junkers flugzeug und motore werke AG in magdeburg.

    Does someone knows the correct bahn number for Magdeburg during te time of 42/43 .

    Thanks to all.
    Sorry if my english is not always correct.!
    Many regards david dp.

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    No probs David. Magdeburg was Bann 26.

    The early (khaki) straps had two main identifiers:

    number of Bann and Unterbann (the Unterbann was a grouping of geographically close Gefolgschaften).

    Colour showing the Oberbann (the Oberbann was a grouping of geographically close Banne)

    By the 1940s a black strap was in use (dark blue for the Marine-HJ) and the Oberbann system had long been dissolved so blue piping on a black strap would identify a boy as being member of a Flieger-HJ unit.

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