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    HJ member adam klier

    Here is a small group of four documents to Adam klier,

    Thanks again for translations by Garry


    Service before self

    In memory of the year 1933 in which the national movement arose and the german people were reborn under their great german leader Adolf Hitler who shows the german youth the way to a bright future the school community presents you, Klier, Adam with this commemorative certificate.

    Ansbach 22nd of March 1934.

    Headmaster Vice mayor

    You are nothing, your people are everything

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      It is hereby confirmed that Adam Klier from Wiedersbach was a member of the Jungvolk in Leutershausen between the 15th of May 1932 and the 1st of July 1933. He was the Jungenschaftsführer in charge of a Jungenschaft in Leutershausen.

      He carried out his duties to our full satisfaction.

      After the above period he transferred to the HJ.
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      I confirm that the Jugendgenosse Klier, Adam from Cadolzburg born 14.11.19 in Bamberg is a member of the Hitler Youth and that he has served in Schar 1/8/B24 since September 1934. Comrade Klier has been in charge of Kameradschaft 3, Schar Cadolzburg since May 1935 and as a willing Hitler Youth he carries out his duties to full satisfaction.

      Jugendgenosse Klier has a clean disciplinary record.

      Cadolzburg 17.7.35

      The leader of Unterbann II B24

      Willi Heffner

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      Service report

      This report is confirmation for Jugendgenosse Adam Klier of Brehmstrasse 15 Nürnberg and born , born 14.2.1919 that he has been a member of Deutsches Jungvolk Stamm XII/J since the 15th of June 1932 and that he is in charge of a Jungzug. He carries out his duties with great care and has gained our absolute trust.

      His conduct ist exemplary. We have come to know the Jugendgenosse as calm and hard-working.

      Heil Hitler!

      The leader of Jungbann J Nürnberg-Stadt

      Hans Schneider

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