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    Bann 739 Molsheim Süd/Baden Gefolgschaftsfahnen Canton Panels

    These just sold on Ebay US for under $160 USD for the pair. They appear original to me. IMO even the RZM tag may be legitimate as it is a "J" code tag from Hersteller *65 Anton Lindner Fahnenstickerei of Muchen. A fair price I think considering it appears that a Stundentenbund armband and another armband of some type was in the lot. I did not bid on this lot as I've taken a hiatus from buying for some time now. Hopefully a forum member picked this up.

    *Handbook of the Hitlerjugend by Wilhelm Saris page 756

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    Thanks for sharing Darin , I would bet that we see one or both of these panels on an HJ/DJ flag that currently never had one within the next 5 years .

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    The Spiegel look good and I think Joe is right that these will be attached to a flag in the future. But we will remember

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