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    Trumpet banner with eagle

    Hi and happy holidays,
    finally I have a bit time to go thru the forum again. I bought the HJ book from Fj Stephens a few days agao and saw in there a picture with a long row of DJ boys holding their Trumpet banners and all were of the same kind, the one with the jungbann eagle on it. I have never seen one surviving the war, nor seeing it live. Does anyone have one in their collection???? and may show it? How many were of this kind around? Only one per bann or ?? I find nothing in the books about this banner, were the boulion embroidered ?
    Also a quick question on the landjahr banner: am I correct that the first version had the letters out of cloth sewn on the silk cloth, green /white and that the second version had the letters all in chain stiched? I have only seen one original banner around.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Dirk,

    There is one of the Gebiet banners in THIS thread. The 'Landjahr' banners were discontinued in 1940 but unfortunately I have no information on how their manufacture was regulated prior to that. Wim might hopefully have something on that.

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    Have quite some historical information about Landjahr from former Landjahr-members,
    but they hardly could supply me with uniform and insignia or whatever information! Would
    not know where to find it!

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