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    Smile Photograph of an NPEA leader wearing NPEA sleeve triangle?

    Has any of you ever seen a HJ leader with NPEA triangle? Or were such triangles worn only by NPEA pupils?

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    I checked all of my NPEA photographs and I must admit I have none
    where a NPEA supervisor does wear one.
    Those with a leading function all do wear the regular SA armband!

    Maybe Garry or someone else can fill in information..........

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    Same here Wim. I couldn't find any photographs where Anstaltsleiter, Hundertschaftsführer etc are wearing the triangle. All of those that I found are wearing the normal SA armband and the thin NPEA leader straps.

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    That's strange isn't it. If the high ranks didn't wear the triangle it makes you wonder who wore the type you see with the bullion embroidery. I must admit that I have always thought that everyone at an NPEA wore the triangle without exception

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    The third pic in Eric's post here also shows a distinct lack of triangle on the two NPEA leaders.

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