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    Quote Originally Posted by u869ss View Post
    Ther is some great items coming on this forum now thanks for posting dam rare items

    mate its the members and content that makes a forum successful imo and we have both here all collectors here need to post there items keep new threads coming up its keeps us all coming back

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    hope you do not mind if I put the rjf stab diamond in the article section

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Jean, the
    stab is for staff members of the Reichsjugendfuhrung. It was a complicated branch of the HJ but a summary would be that it's function was to inspect HJ routines and procedures as well as those of the leadership schools. This is a very brief summary as this section had many other duties. Perhaps Garry can provide more detailed information.
    As far as the organisation of the
    is concerned that would definitely be a good subject for a new thread

    I just wanted to add a little more to this thread though:

    ' triangles were worn by the Stabsführer,
    Amtschefs (departmental heads) and certain other personnel specially appointed by von Schirach:

    '...besonders vom Reichsjugendführer berufene Führer

    The triangle colours were silver-grey/black für females und yellow/black für men obviously.

    -Stab' triangles were worn by those on the staff of the
    who were entitled to wear the leaders' service uniform (Führerdienstanzug). Gefolgschaftsführer and Fähnleinführer were included in 1941.

    -Stab triangles were also worn by the Bannführer of Reichsbann B (Blinde), G (Gehörgeschädigte), BS (Binnenschifffahrt) and S (Seefahrt) from 1939

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    Garry was this a large organization , from what I have seen of rally pics the bleachers in some cases are full of leaders wearing this triangle

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    I'm looking for more specific info on the average size of an
    department Paul but I have some figures here for the overall leadership of the movement:

    In May 1939 (effectively the peak size of the organisation) a total of 19,765 personnel had leading staff positions from Bann level (and BDM, DJ and
    equivalent) up to and including the Reichsjugendführung. Of these, 1,787 were in the rank range Bannführer to Obergebietsführer*

    Once I have more I'll get back to you but I would think that we are looking at a total number in use of around a couple of thousand for the
    -Stab triangle.

    * (includes those in equivalent ranks in the DJ, BDM and

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    YA makes sense due to the obvious rarity of the triangle on the market today. Over the years I would imagine a few thousand wore it but still low numbers overall

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    Yep, most certainly a rare triangle today. As I say, if I can get a more exact figure I'll post it because I hate guessing :) The final figure relies totally on exactly what constituted a department of course. If we are talking purely about those working on the staff of the various
    departments in Berlin only then the figure of a couple of thousand will be too high. Over the years it may not be too unrealistic though as you say.

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    great as an adjunct would the early diamond with only the SUD NORD be associated with this arm of the org

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    Ah, well originally each of the Obergebiete Nord, Süd etc had its own staff but Stabsführer Lauterbacher did away with them beginning in mid-1934 (completed in 1935). After that point they only existed on paper as organisational structures so those triangles (which I incidentally had never seen) must indeed have been short-lived as was mentioned on the other thread.

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    there has recently been one posted in the triangle thread which is looks good very early with high thread count in the weave

    HJ or BDM Gebietsdreieck / Triangle 'SÜD' only

    Read more:

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