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    Hitler Youth sleeve triangles in mint condition

    I´ve started to collect HJ about 1 year ago, and along come of course the triangles, very nice pieces and absolutely worth to collect. By going through the offers of different dealers I find a lot of triangles in mint condition with the RZM tag on.

    Some of them never even touched a uniform, could those pieces be from a hoard? What is your opinion on those pieces? What really makes go crazy is that one here: HJ und BDM Gebietsdreiecke: BDM Südost Tirol-Vorarlberg I believe this could be one of the rare ones... as well as this one here: HJ und BDM Gebietsdreiecke: HJ Südost Tirol-Vorarlberg especially in this condition.

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    Those items are from Kevin's collection. Many unissued HJ items can be found and also used items. I prefer used but in some cases with more "difficult" insignia, you must add what you can when you can if it comes up for sale.

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    Really, really nice and huge collection. Makes me kind of "jealous" to see this. :-)

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    LOL, thats a dedicated collector for you - the best

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    Seems like ;-)

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    Kevin is very focused in his collecting no doubt. He has amassed a very nice collection of triangles from a variety of sources.

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