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    new HJ sleeve triangle WEST SAARPFALZ


    Admin Edit: WEFT corrected to WEST

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    Another nice addition to your collection Paul. Congratulations, it looks great.

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    Thanks DARRIN, got two more on the way from other places in Europe, always nice to add a new one

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    Look forward to seeing them when they arrive Paul. Now you need the Saar Pfalz triangle if you don't have it. I think that one is tough to find.

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    actually have that one not Saar Pfalz but is PFALZ SAAR

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    Give Daren a break`s 95 degrees in SUNNY California today .

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    ya and he has control of the WATER

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    Paul, as always, it's "WEST", not "WEFT". It's a long "S" and was used in the middle of words. The short/normal "S" was used at the end of a word. Very important for reading and understanding older German :) BTW "West" is the same as English "West" :) I only know a few triangles, were the short/normal "S" was used in the middle of a word: Hessen-Nassau specimen with 2x short "

    Regards, Sven.

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    THANKS for the lesson

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