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    Nord Berlin / Ost Berlin

    Before 1943 , Gau Berlin was situed in ost-région .
    After 1943 , Gau Berlin changed district and become :
    Gau Berlin , district nord .( .
    Question :
    Are they triangles : Nord-Berlin ?
    Do you have triangles or pictures ?

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    I think that site has incorrect information. Berlin was HJ Obergebiet Ost from the beginning to end.

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    I've only ever seen "Ost Berlin"

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    I've never seen a "Nord Berlin" triangle. No mention of it is made in the Saris book either.

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    Also, Gau is not always the same as HJ Gebiet. Boundaries were not always the same. A change to the Gau structure did not always mean change to the HJ structure. Sometimes the HJ organisation 'lagged' so the HJ Gebiet played 'catch-up' if you know what I mean.

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    Thank's for your reply

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