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Thread: Ost Ostpreussen

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    Ost Ostpreussen


    My district triangle collection has now 250 different items. When I began, I wanted to collect all variants. I wanted one for the boys and the same for the girls to confirm fabrication. I know today that it will be very (!!!) difficult to finish it because there are so many variants.

    One triangle I never had and I never saw (yes !) is "Ost Ostpreussen". Does someone have one ?

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    That is odd isn't it? Ostpreußen was the name given to the old HJ-Gebiet Ostland so there should be some of these around. I don't have any pictures of an Ostpreußen on my HD unfortunately.

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    Fernand, I would very much like to see some photos of your collection, and especially photos of any straps that you might have. I remember a trade I made with you some months back, a triangle for a strap.

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    I have the same question!
    Have anybody seen this triangle?

    I have seen only fakes or repros.
    I'm interesting because I reenact a 291 HJ-Bann

    291 01 Ostland Ost

    291 01 Ostland Ost

    291 01 Ostpreußen Ost

    291 01 Ostpreußen Ost

    Anybody can say when exactly was introduced HJ Gebiet Ostpreussen? In the beginning of 1941 or later?

    Maybe more correct will be worn an Ostland Ost triangle on the uniform with HJ Bann 291 at 1941-1945, how do you think?
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    Nope, I've never seen one either.

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