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    Can anyone identify these boys? BŁndische Jugend?

    The boy on the right is wearing a badge which seems familiar but I can't place it and I'd love to be able to identify the organisation to which these boys belonged, if any.

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    They used to kill those people who delivered bad news ...

    Sorry Garry, I can't spot the badge. Could you show a detail?
    At the moment I don't think these boys are from any youth movement. The Fahrtenmesser on the right boy is not enough proof, I am afraid. The chain of a pocket watch on the older one's shorts is untypical for the youth movement. I can not say for sure if the boy in the middle has one also, or whether it is just a lace - with maybe a whistle attached to it in his pocket. Suspenders were not well regarded in the bŁndische Jugend. I actually don't remember having seen any on the photos. And since all three of them wear these suspenders I would considere this to be just a bike trip of three boys, nothing more. Maybe it is just a hike, and the bike belongs to the person taking the photo? Sorry for the bad news.

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    Thanks Christian. The photo doesn't have sufficient quality to get in close on the badge unfortunately. Definitely not bad news though. This will have been a 1 Euro photo at most :)

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    would be nice to see those buckles. I have no doubt they are from one of the various youth movements prior to the HJ. The fact two are wearing watch chains would signify leaders of some sort IMO

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