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    Deutsches Jungvolk odd Siegrune hat insignia

    I've seen this odd badge on a couple of photos and always wondered what it was and whether it was an official insignia during the early period. Here are two photos from 1933 showing a couple of boys wearing a Siegrune badge on their caps. Here is a translation of an
    order from 1935 which discusses a badge:

    Siegrune badge banned.jpg

    "The company Robert Schenkel of Luisenstr. 22 in Pforzheim has offered Siegrune badges to DJ units and in particular to the Jungbanne. As the
    has decided not to introduce this badge it is hereby prohibited to procure them.

    According to the
    list Robert Schenkel later held the
    licence M1/10 which shows that his company made metal insignia so the question is: was he making this Siegrune badge in 1933 and is it the same badge being discussed in the order?

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    Great photos Garry. Would like to have one of these unathourized badges, but have never seen one for sale. I wonder if these would be marked in any manner.

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    funny thing is if you did find one most people would call it fake lol, by the way look at the black dj buckle in the second pic lovely

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    Great photographs. It is my opinion that after the July 1, 1933 the sigrune-insignia was in fact no longer allowed to be used
    with the headgear.

    The Sigrune was sold about spring 1933 as a cap-badge for 0,25 RM (10 for R.M. 2.20).
    A somewhat smaller version (legs of the sigrune were about 2.0 mm smaller), but anyway large, as shown with the photograph
    was offered for example by: W.Nufer from Offenbach in their cataloque phrased as "Ratgeber für Fahrt und Lager"
    (dated April 10, 1933). It was sold as Mützenabzeichen mit Umlegsplinte (prongs).

    This cataloque showed and described all kinds of uniform-parts and insignia for all kinds of youth-organizations. It is of course
    practically sure that various concerns may have manufactured the sig-rune in various forms.
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    Excellent info Wim. Thanks very much Have you ever had one of these badges in-hand?

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    I had two when I collected HJ, bought them in a small shop at Nürnberg in about the later seventies
    or the earliest eighties. One was silvered, the other one from brass. Both had a somewhat smaller leg
    for the rune. I cannot remember if they had any markings, but my mind says no!
    In those days I always thought it could have been fakes. Later I realized that they possibly were okay,
    due to the attached prongs. What did one know in those days, when hardly any decent book about the
    HJ subject was a fact!

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    Very true :) Well, at least you had them in-hand.

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    Oh boy, maybe I was stupid then: I checked my old list with materials I bought and what I have sold between 1976 and 1982
    (the list I needed to make a list for my insurance-agent as all I owned was insured for theft and fire). When I did not make a
    mistake I sold both for about 5.-/6.- Dutch guilders in 1981.

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