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    1938 Reichskampf Hamburg Badge

    This badge is new territory for me. It seems a lot more elaborate than a tinnie. I'd appreciate any info from members. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not good with badges. Here's a link to Stu's, compare them side by side. Stu and Garry will know for sure.

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    Hi Darin. I did see that particular thread and post. To my eyes, the badge looks exactly like Stu's. I'm still new to badges myself however.

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    hi douglas
    moved this thread to where it is better suited.

    You are doing this badge an injustice calling it a tinnie:). This was given to organisers and participants at the finals (Reichsentscheid) of the 1938 Reichsberufswettkampf. The participants who where given this badge would have already won a Kreissieger and Gausieger badge and were now in the national finals.
    There seem to be 2 variations of this badge depending on how the diamond is added. Yours looks like its been stuck on where as mine you can see through the back
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    That's right Douglas, these aren't tinnies but rather badges which were only worn by the participants and officials in the finals of the Reichberufswettkampf in that year. The badge looks fine to me. In very nice condition too

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    Oops! Looks like we were writing at the same time Stu :)

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    wonder why we have the variations as not many of these where made and they where made over a very short period????.

    by the pin set up looks like the same maker so why the diff, do you think they could be diff materials as mine seems to have a brighter colour to the reverse than the first badge which looks almost zinc

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    Thanks for the great info, Garry and Stuart. That's very interesting about the 2 different methods for the diamond attachment.

    Yes, "badge" does seem more appropriate than "tinnie." It's a really detailed and striking piece! I was tickled to locate this item. While my scan is pretty indicative of condition, it's actually more vibrant and bright in person.

    I'm not sure what the metal is?

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    Reichskampf München 1937

    I had time this morning to scan some pics of the 1937 Reichberufswettkampf badge. This competition must have been held in Munich.

    The quality, construction, and design of this badge seem superb.
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    Stuart, I was looking at the pictures of the reverse of the1938 badge again, and it looks to me like 2 different pin set-ups. Specifically, the way the pins are attached. So this could be a possible indication, along with the diamonds, of 2 possible makers.

    Does anyone have any newspaper clippings or period documentation of this event? That would most interesting to see.

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