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    Stu,great photo!!I have never seen a private photo of the badges in wear.

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    the participent badge was not given out to the particpents from the beginning of the comp i.e kreiss level and only at the reich finals, but you mentioned in the thread gau winners, did you mean the pic was possibly taken at the reich finals before the comp and if so would the gau winners wear their bages to the reich finals?

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    I don't have anything which explicitly says that the participants wore their Gau badges to the finals Stu but your photo would seem to show that this happened. Those boys are either Gausieger wearing their badges at the finals or they are the Reichssieger. That's why I was impressed with the photo :) Can you see any more detail on the original to decipher what is on their badges?

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    hi gar
    no the image is not sharp enough to pick up any detail off the badges

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