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    Deutsche Jugend Croatia Stamm Agram (Zagreb) sleeve triangle and Adjutant insignia

    Have just seen this HJ ADJUTANT badge on ebay
    It is offered by someone in Ludbreg, Croatia,
    He has offered other youth items before.
    Deutsche Jugend Croatia

    Not sure whether this item is 100% original.
    But that is just because I don't collect this area.
    Altes Pfadfinder Abzeichen | eBay

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    And the same seller has now added a Dreieck.
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    THE ADJ BADGES LOOKS LIKE IT HAS BEEN SOAKED IN WATER TO AGE IT Want to hear what others say about the triangle certainly not of German manufacture

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    Thanks for posting these Christian. There were two independent Deutsche Jugend Stämme and four Banne in Croatia. One of the Stämme was Stamm Agram (Zagreb) so there is some legitimacy there for the triangle. Both items might have a chance of being authentic but obviously care is needed with items like this.

    Original Deutsche Jugend insignia won't have the quality of
    items as they were made locally.

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    Same seller as before has added some more items on Ebay
    Altes Deutsches Pfadfinder Schulter klappen | eBay
    Altes Pfadfinder Abzeichen | eBay
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    think he has is old granny doing some stitching for him.

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    Would be very wary of these items. I've had straps with similar stitching, but would want to do a complete hands on inspection before even considering these non standard items.

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