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    Printed Hitler Youth armband, 1935 Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel and 'tinnie' for Jugendherberge Annaberg- opinions?

    Hello Guys,
    Was offered an armband and two badges in one lot,could you please take a look at them and give your opinions.
    Thanks a lot !!!

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    The 1935 Reichssportwettkampf winner's badge and the youth hostel badge look okay based on that picture so I would say that the armband is the item to be worried about. The wiki page is worth reading on these. Printed HJ armbands existed during the period but due to the nature of such items it is always going to be difficult to attribute anything to examples encountered today. It all comes down to how the individual collector feels about his particular item. If a collector was looking to have just one example of the HJ armband in his collection I would always suggest going for the multi-part, stitched variety.

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    Thanks for the reply would a test with UV light be conclusive on the armband ?
    greets cardon

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    Hi Cardon,

    The UV test is more of an indicator as opposed to a conclusive test and can only really help in building up a general picture. If you can see a loose thread you could also try burning that to ensure that you get an ashy residue showing the use of cotton thread. However, some original TR items do glow and modern detergents can make a legitimate item appear dodgy under UV so the test can't be relied upon. Cotton thread is also not a post-war invention either of course so all you can do is to gather indicators that make a case that could possibly place this armband in the TR period. We know that they existed back then but whether the armband is actually from the period is something that can't currently be unequivocally proven. We can show that they existed for a relatively short period, we know when they were banned, what they were made of, we know the exact colours used, the thread and the armband's correct dimensions but due to the fact that these printed armbands are early rather than late, collectors have to consider how feasible a proposition it is that soldiers were finding these in 1944/5 and in the immediate post-war period and taking them back home. By 1945 the printed HJ armband had been banned for 9 years so the question to be considered is: where were they being found? I have a printed armband in what remains of my collection and I like it but it's definitely one of those items where you have to "feel" that it's right. Definitely an item that needs to be felt and smelt.

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    Thank you for the long and very interesting info on these armbands.I've contacted the seller it came of this : Bolt of cloth printed with HJ armbands - Militaria Forums .Apparently found and vet bring back
    The owner cut up the cloth and sold them separately

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    As stated they do exist but are faked a lot. A black light could help but won't due the job completely. I agree a burn test would help. Not sure what to think because we can't base it off the construction here....

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    To coin an ICP term, .. It`s not all good.....
    I would stay well away from these for the following reasons.

    In early 2011, both Craig Gottlieb and Thomas Wittmann listed sheets of these, also with the vet story-sales pitch. Wittmann has long since taken the sheets off his site, and only lists the individually cut out ones, one at a time now.
    Those 2 names, together, that`s enough to make me walk away, especially on items like these.

    From a screen-printers point of view, the way they are made, does not make any sense.

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    Hello Guys,
    Thank you for your responses,I will stay away from these armbands.Maybe I'll take the badges.
    wonderful to be on this forum and have so much help

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    Hallo, I found one at Helmut Weitze site this year. That Should be originally.

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