1. woolgar


    Get a load of these guys who opposed the HJ! :001_tongue: The Swing Kids (German: Swingjugend) were a group of jazz and Swing lovers in Germany of the 1930s, mainly in Hamburg (St. Pauli) and Berlin. They were composed of 14- to 18-year old boys and girls in high school, most of them middle- or...
  2. Gefolgschaft

    Ost Berlin, 3 Versions.

    The first picture is what Saris describes as the "first pattern or 1933 pattern" lettering. Note the early wide lettering used to fill in the bottom space and the "i" with the swallow tail top typical of first pattern lettering triangles. The second and third pictures are what he describes as...
  3. u869ss

    some of my new Hitler Youth and BDM sleeve triangles

    BDM Nord Mecklenburg BDM Nord Hamburg BDM Süd Baden BDM Nord Osthannover BDM Mitte Thüringen HJ Südost Oberdonau HJ Ost Berlin enjoy
  4. Bann 171

    Chronikwerk (chronicle) of Bann 268 - Have a look absolutely stunning!!

    Hi friends, I just got something which is sooo cool and stunning, absolut unice. It is the dairy of Bann268 Berlin Zehlendorf, not just abook , see for yourself! It is a fully handmade book out of 2 pices of Oak barch, surrunded by a brass frame , binded in leather and about 500+ pages, handmade...
  5. Weibliche

    West Hessen-Nassau Area Triangle

    Hello guys~ This is my first area triangle and it came in a nice lot I just purchased from a WWII vet that was assigned to disarming POW camps and later stationed in Berlin during the occupation. This was together with a sleeve diamond and both look to me to be removed from a uniform. Any...
  6. H2OCO2

    List of RZM codes (RZM Herstellerliste)

    Source: M1/1 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke ~ Luckenwalde M1/2 Richard Conrad ~ Weimar M1/3 Max Kremhelmer ~ München M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst ~ Oranienburg ( License withdrawn on 10.01.1935) M1/5 Walter Simon ~ Dresden...
  7. Gefolgschaft

    Jugend Ehrendienst sleeve triangle insignia.

    I posted this on the old forum but nobody really knew what it was. With some new people here maybe someone has seen one of these before? I got this from an estate sale of an olympic wieghtlifter that participated in the Berlin games for about 20 USD a couple of years ago. It passes a burn test...
  8. kevin s

    Ost Berlin

    I've received permision from the seller to post a photo of this item. I'd like to hear you thoughts on this one. I like it. thanks, kevin
  9. D

    List of HJ Rundfunkspielscharen in 1944

    Here is the list of the broadcasting units in may 1944. Some (boys and girls) sang, other played instruments and other were comedians. _Rundfunkspielschar Deutschlandsender (RS 1) _ " Stuttgart (RS 2) _ " Berlin (RS 3) _ "...
  10. zander

    Bdm "martyr" erika jordan

    Ive been doing a bit of reading on this girl and from what ive got so far is that she was killed by communists on october 28th 1932 aged 17 years and that obergau berlin was named after her, after that the trail runs cold does anybody know anymore they can add ,, cheers steve
  11. cemifor

    HJ Führerschule Herbert Norkus (HJ leadership school)

    Not strictly correct to show these (parts of) photos, sold on ebay a few days ago (I was outbid :sad:), but they might be of some general interest. Führerschule Herbert Norkus Gebiet Berlin Did anyone of you, buy the photos? ../henrik
  12. DouglasDwight

    HJ Travel English

    Here's a pretty neat paper item. It's a standard size travel brochure, with Hiking in Germany on the front side. It's all in English. I guess it's not technically an HJ item, but the Marine DJ cover art work is great! And it is illustrated throughtout with photos of BDM and HJ youth. Tells all...
  13. cemifor

    Gypsy children excluded from the Hitler Youth

    In May 1942, the "Jugendführer des Deustchen Reichs" ordered that gypsy children were no longer to be used for the Jugenddienstpflicht. "Youth service ["Jugenddienstpflicht"] of gypsy children. ... gypsy and gypsy hybrids[?] are not used for youth service. Excluded are gypsy hybrids with...
  14. Gefolgschaft

    HJ Ost Berlin sleeve triangle

    New one just came today.
  15. Garry

    Axmann after the bunker

    I posted this on Axis history so I'm stealing it back :) It's a short account of what happened to Axmann between his leaving the bunker and being captured on the 5th of December 1945. Axmann left the bunker 30 hours after Hitler's death and his plan was to reach Dönitz in Plön. He travelled...
  16. S

    HJ district triangle help

    hi all dont know if this is the right oplace for this but could not find anywhere else to put it as its justa general question really. if its in the wrong place gar please move it. anyway i have a couple of uniform bits and pieces and got to thinking where in todays germany would these...
  17. shane

    Deutsches Jungvolk - reproduction shoulder strap

    Im going to get baine a Dj board made for his Dj uniform. Could someone tell me which number i should use for the ost berlin patch?
  18. Gefolgschaft

    Early DJ Ausweis from Jungbann 201

    Here's a DJ Auswies, Jungbann 201 Berlin Moabit.