1. M

    HJ buckle dual-marked Assmann and Overhoff

    Hi All, I am a new member here. I used to collect Third reich items many years ago but drifted to other militaria following deluge of fake items. However, after a recent hitler youth knife purchase, I have found myself drawn back in ! What I do like about collecting these days are forums like...
  2. J

    Weitze joins the Fantasy Deutsches Jungvolk DJ Knife Trade

    As mentioned already on another thread, the German Militaria seller WEITZE.COM, has sunken to a new low, and has joined in on the trade in the Fantasy DJ knives. Offering two at the moment. Buyer beware. If anyone is thinking of purchasing these from them, do yourself a favour and challenge...
  3. John Brandon

    not strictly HJ - Heim Ins Reich badge

    I know it's not HJ but this one is wrong - surely?
  4. Garry

    The full set of Hitler Youth HJ honour badges!

    My thanks to the person who sent me the link to this live(dot)affiliatedauctions(dot)com page where the following is stated: "Lot of eight (8) German WWII Third Reich period badges. Includes the full set of Hitlerjugend honour badges. Maker's marks on reverse. Unauthenticated. Sold "as is"...
  5. Panzerschmied

    HJ postcard "Der junge Tag" by A Reich

    Hello, here is a postcard, which was given to a post station on the 12th January 1933. Unfortunately not in a mint condition
  6. F

    Third Reich Tipco produced double decal childs helmet

    Scarce Tipco produced helmet.!
  7. J

    Study of Fake M1/70 HJ Honour badges (HJ Ehrenzeichen)

    An ongoing list of the fake HJ honour badges in gold marked M1/70. If you see a fake M1/70 badge that is not on the list, please post it or the link. So far, two different "versions" of this fake are known. The more modern version with coffin pin attachment is numbered in the 5000`s, and the...
  8. F

    Deutsche Reich 6+4 Stamp

    Like new.
  9. J

    Regional Fanfare Banner Question

    I was wondering if there was anyone who would be able to clear something up for me. There is a trumpet banner on a site that says that it is from the town of Baden-Württemberg but that is obviously incorrect. The coat of arms does however match the County of Ravensburg during the Roman Empire...
  10. Como

    HJ preparing to be sent to defend the Reich.

    Hi Guys, I found this pic and thought I would share it with the forum. The lad on the far (facing) left looks around 12? Sad. The pic speaks for itself. Thanks for looking.
  11. Joe B

    2 photos of boy wearing DJ 1 shoulderstraps .

    I paid $15 a piece for these ... however ; rare photos of Youth wearing rare insignia outside the Reich . Notice the non standard wintermutze in wear .
  12. Como

    New (to me) HJ knife addition...

    Those who know me, know that I am the type of collector that does not, necessarily, seek out the most pristine examples of items. I don't mind if a helmet shows that it was dragged across Europe, or, especially, if an HJ knife saw a camping trip or two. So, enters in my new addition to my HJ...
  13. cemifor

    Dr. Henry Picker - Bannführer, HJ-Oberrichter

    Dr. Henry Picker Picker was born on 6 December1912 in Wilhelmshaven. Member of NSDAP since 1 April1939, member number 322 834. At that time he was student and single. Picker studied law at the University of Kiel. In 1936 PhD on the meaning of punishment in the Third Reich. Since 1935 Picker...
  14. cemifor

    Download no longer possible ...

    I have noted, that it's no longer possible to download many of the books I have linked to. :sad: One of the pages, seems to have deleted all third reich related material. But also other sources are no longer available. Some because of copyright issues. :nono: The next days, I will...
  15. Dorn

    My BDM sleeve triangles

    Hallo kameraden.I keep on travelling all over the Reich
  16. cemifor

    HJ in Flensburg

    Organization of Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg. I have tried to outline the organization of the Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg, as I interpret informations in an article Marchieren, bis auch der letzte Schläfer erwacht ist! - Der Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg 1933 bis 1945, from a book published by the...
  17. wingman15

    Opinions needed on painted sharpshooters badge M1/63

    HJ Sharpshooters badge,M1/63.,a possible purchase,..i need some opinions i am on the fence with this one,i immediately noticed it is painted/pin/pitting on rear/just overall badly made/casted.i have been trying to research when the enamel pins were first introduced? did they introduce enamel...
  18. Joe B

    Cuff Title "Aufbaulehrgang Petershagen" ?

    Saw this cufftitle on ebay , can anyone indentify what it was for ? Is it HJ , DLV, SA or is it even 3rd Reich related .
  19. Eliko

    My humble HJ collection

    Dear all, I don't really have a HJ collection. I feel kind of ashamed to start this threat after having had a look at some collections on the forum. I am a collector of third Reich awards, especially EKs and now I would like to start a small collection of HJ items. Next week I will receive a HJ...
  20. Pimpf359

    HJ book stamped by HJ Reichsfinanzschule Herrsching (Reich Finance School).

    HJ book stamped by the Reichsfinanzschule and signing.