unknown Flag corner patches - Hitler Youth?

Jun 20, 2011
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Rheinhessen, Germany
These two single "flag corner patches" were found by a friend on a flea market in Wiesbaden Germany.
We first thought it cold be HJ, because Wiesbaden was "Bann 80", but we haven´t seen patches like these on HJ flags before.
I hope someone could help to identify the origin of these patches,
if these are HJ or anything else,

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The first one has the same numbering convention as the early HJ Schar flags. These flags were discontinued in 1935 and in the case of the first patch the numbers would mean:

Schar 1/Gefolgschaft 3
Unterbann IV
Bann 80

The dimensions of the Schar flag were: Width 1.50 metres, height: 1.00m

We discussed another of the Schar flags here a while back: http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f40/early-hj-flag-5311/ That flag has more primitive stitching on the numbers whereas the patch you show has the quality of the later Gefolgschaft flag corner patches.

The second patch would correspond to an early Gefolgschaft flag. As with the Schar flag patch, the stitching is more akin to the quality of the later patches. The numbers would mean:

Gefolgschaft 3
Unterbann IV
Bann 80

Now, that "B80"... There were HJ Banne with a B prefix but the highest of these was B46. Bann 80 Wiesbaden never had the "B" prefix so why is that B there? Does it stand for Bann? I don't know but it would certainly be a departure from what we would expect to see. An example of a "B" Gefolgschaft flag in a period photo for a Bann number higher than 46 would give us a precedent. Has anyone come across such a thing? Certainly at first glance though, I think you have corner patches for an early Schar and Gefolgschaft flag respectively. Here is an example of an early Gefolgschaft flag:

Just a side note I've seen more than one item surface recently in flag form for Bann 80. Perhaps a stash of items has been found recently.
@ Gefolgschaft, you may be right, because my friend bought a few more pairs of patches together with these, (like the blue one,with different lettering but all with the number 80 on the end) from the same flea market seller....but he was not told where they come from.
Hello ,
this one is for sale bei WEITZE today

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Yeah, definitely weird. Like Garry said that B is wrong but on an early HJ flag who knows? I think I'd need to see some period pics of a HJ flag with a patch like this to be happier. What is Weitze's description?