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    Indeed Alois but as he says, it is "unidentified". I don't see that type of jacket anywhere in the regulations. Period photographic evidence would be useful here. On that, I have been searching for photographs of BDM leaders wearing the jackets in post #7 and 99% of them show the Dienstjacke. I have only found two photographs showing the Festjacke and even they weren't clear. As yet I have not seen the type shown by Angolia in photographs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holzwurm_1920 View Post
    Hello Joe,
    found this on page 108 in angolia´s book "The HJ"
    Best Regards
    As so often Angolia does not have a clue, but it was a real fact.
    The shown drawing was for a dark-blue BDM and JM wool jacket, which came instead of
    the brown one, as worn since the early days. For BDM and JM it had the same form.
    It was published in the Mitteilungsblatt der Reichszeugmeisterei, number 6 from September
    9, 1943. The jacket was described as BDM.- und JM.-Jacke and the issue included the manufacturing
    regulation. It was sold together with a skirt: komplett als Kostüm.

    Maybe this girl, Margret Süther, is wearing a precursor for it. The photo is taken at The Hague
    Netherlands March 28, 1943. She was a sort of supervisor at the KLV at Sterksel in the Netherlands.
    She proudly wrote at the back of the photo: for the first time I am wearing my brandnew service-
    dress (Dienstkleidung). The jacket varies slightly from the drawing: the collar is different, but there
    are no breat pockest, just straight pockets below and there is a sort of waist-belt visible in her sides.
    What looks as buttons at the breast actually are some smaller insignia.

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    Fantastic. Many thanks Wim. The RJF Vorschriften that I have here go to approx mid-1943 so now I know why the jacket shown by Angolia isn't shown.

    Mystery solved!

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    The announcement for the jacket included per district what concerns were allowed
    to deliver the jackets. In total about 170 concerns this were. For the Netherlands
    was responsible the concern of Alex Monno & Co from Berlin. Many concerns from
    Berlin were involved (maybe 80%).

    Once more Margret, possibly wearing the same jacket but with a civil skirt. The back
    says: Lagerführerin Sterksel

    The other group-photo is taken in July 1943 at Arnhem. It is possible also here the dark-blue
    jacket is worn. At least a few girls do wear the cuffband: Niederlande
    Margret is at right, holding her jacket over her arm.

    The jacket was not typical for leaders, but was authorized for all.
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