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    HJ Winterbluse Nordsee

    My new HJ Winterbluse with Nordsee Gebietsdreieck.

    Nice match for my earlier posted DJ shirt from the Nordsee region, Leer/Ostfriesland Bann 381.

    The Winterbluse has all original
    Size would be approx. a EUR 176, because the torso is that size as well.
    Unfortunately, the shirt is quite wrinkled. Anyone has an idea how to straighten this? I don't really want to iron it, since it's a pretty fragile wool fabric.
    The Winterbluse has on each shoulder a piece of fabric to hold the 'slip on' type of shoulderstraps, but the buttons are removed.

    I'm still looking for a pair of HJ shoulder straps from the Nordsee region to complete the Winterbluse.
    Does anyone have an idea where I can obtain these? Or does anyone has them for offer/trade? General or specialization, doesn't matter, as long as it 'fits' the shirt.

    NB. as you can see the shirt, scarf and knot are abvious 'fakes'. I just added these to the torso for decoration.

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    Welcome to the forum, its a nice project you got yourself there!


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    Welcome to the forum. I have these Nord/Nordsee straps in my collection, but they are not for sale at this time. Good luck on completing the project.
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    Hello! It looks really nice!!

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    Thanks for all the comments!

    It's indeed a nice project. I'll keep on the lookout for a pair of Nordsee straps. I know they're not impossible to find.
    That makes collecting fun!

    Those 286 straps are amazing! But I understand that they are not for sale

    In the mean time I have a buckle, belt and cross strap comming my way by mail. Project comes along quite well this way.

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