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    Hitler Youth Musician Swallows Nests from Berlin

    A neat little set that just arrived to my collection. I've been looking for a nice set of swallows nests for a couple of years now and was very happy to get this set as I really like Berlin related HJ items. This set is from Jungbann 199 Pankow-Weissensee, Ost/Berlin. The strap has a button on it where the swallows nest snapped onto it, in hand this appears to be a legitimate set that was worn together. Now to find a nice Ost/Berlin triangle with matching wear to complete the display.

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    congrats on a great snag Darin, they look cool!

    always a buzz to find something you have waited a long time for!

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    Nice ones Daren , I almost got them but other priorities needed the money .

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    What i would call "honest items" Nice.

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    I just starting taking noticed to these and I like it. Good like a candy cane lol. Nice little group!

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