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    Three new Hitler Youth tinnies

    1936 HJ Zeltlager Gebiet 13
    HJ Bann 312 1. Aufmarsch 7 Juni 1936 Babenhausen
    Adolf Hitler Marsch zum Reichsparteitag 1939


    just want to share with you my three new HJ tinnies.
    the first one is for the "HJ Zeltlager Gebiet 13 for the year 1936. Just love that eagle. Backside makermarked E.F. WIEDMANN FRANKFURT AM.
    The second one is in commemoration for the 1° Aufmarsch from Bann 312 held on the 7th June of 1936 in Babenhausen. backside no makermark.
    maeby these are not the most rare badges, but nevertheless IMO a nice find. I'm thinking of starting a project around HJ marsches and all kind of sportevents (sportcamps).

    The third badge, boy Am I exited about this one is one for the "Adolf Hitler Marsch der HJ zum Reichsparteitag" held in 1939. On the backside marked with M 1/120. The first to be marked with a RZM. in comparison with the three others the quality of material used is inferior, it weighs less, so I guess it must be some kind of alloy.
    The three others 1935 & 1936 are from Paulmann und Crone Lüdenscheid, the one from 1938 is from Deschler and Sohne.
    I've enclosed the frame with the three earlier purchased badges, or you can consult in this chapter my earlier placed threads on these badges.

    With this addition I now possess four of the five badges. Still need to put it into the frame (project Reichsparteitag in relation to the HJ) along with the others.

    The only one I'm still missing is the one for the year 1937.
    These badges are quit scarce, so not easy to find and come with a pricetag.
    So any is welcome, should one of you guys trace down the 1937 example, just lett me know.

    Just look, enjoy and......

    any comment is welcome.


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    nice ones

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