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    Colourised photos

    HJ Kameradschaftsführer (in the appointment of Gefolgschaftsführer). Bann standard bearer for Bann 560
    HJ Rottenführer (Verwalter) in the appointment of Kameradschaftsführer

    Does anyone else play around with Photoshop adding colour to old photos? If I find a particularly clear one I can't resist having a go. Here are two which I think came out quite well:

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    Those look absolutely amazing, Garry. Great work. I'm afraid I could never get Photoshop to behave like that for me.

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    Photshop takes some skills, I sort of suck at it. Those are cool Garry!

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    Great job Garry! I've never used photoshop before. How about some lessons on how you did these?



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    amazing! I am not that good with PS

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    Thanks guys. When I first started I made the mistake of using Photoshop as if I were just painting. Essentially that's what you're doing of course but you have to use layers to get something approaching realistic. On the standard bearer for example the jacket would be one layer, the face another. Doing things that way means that you can adjust the colour depth for each part of the photo. If you don't use layers then you only have one adjustment for the whole picture and that won't usually give a good result. Most of it comes down to having a really clear photo to start with though.

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    im like the others here have photoshop but am at a bbit of a loss with it, apparently you can buy magazines that help you out maybe its time i ourchased one or two or probably more the amount of help ill need:tongue_smilie:

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    Beautifull job on the photos Garry i like it.You are the master of photoshop

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    I'm definitely not that but thanks anyway P :) Glad you like them.

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    DJ Oberhordenführer, Jungbann 173

    Just finished this one. Came out okay I think. The scenery wasn't that nice on the original photo so I replaced it with the forest.
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