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    Small BDM paperwork grouping (NSDAP membership card, BDM achievement badge...)

    Hello again~

    Here is a nice little 4 piece document grouping belonging to a young woman named Gerta Druckenmuller-Preissing.

    First up is her BDM membership card with supplemental card for dues stamps. The card is folded over in the scan, but it is all there. It looks like she is wearing a RJA stickpin and maybe a Potsdam event badge? I am not sure on the Potsdam badge...but it looks like it could be.

    Next up is her Preliminary
    membership card. It is completely full with dues stamps, 3 full years. I assume she was granted her full party status after this. On a side note, she was married in 1939 and her last name changed over in this book from Druckenmuller to Preissing.

    Last but not least is her small award 'document' for her BDM clasp in silver. You can see her name change clearly on this piece. Shows serial number of the award as well as the date of issue.

    If there is anything else anyone can tell me about these documents, I'd appreciate it. I know a little about them but am no expert...that's for sure!:tongue_smilie:

    Thanks for looking...

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    Nice grouping W. She's certainly old enough to have been at Potsdam but difficult to tell on your scan whether it's a Potsdam badge.

    Interesting again to see such a low award number for her BDM silver so late in the war. Can you see the number better in hand?

    Here's a thread about the serial numbers which may be of interest:

    Discrepancy with BDM achievement badges

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    Hi Garry~

    Thanks for the link, I appreciate it very much. I cropped the photo a bit...maybe you can get a better look at the badge she is wearing. It is still pretty tough to tell though.

    The clasp number is 2287, at least that is what it looks like to me.

    Thanks again for the kind words,
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    Thanks for the pic Chrys (and the number). Not a Potsdam but hopefully one of the other guys will be able to identify that badge.

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