1. jacob

    Reichssieger mini stickpin 1941

    i have Reichssieger mini stic pin,what is value on this one??
  2. J

    Study of Fake M1/70 HJ Honour badges (HJ Ehrenzeichen)

    An ongoing list of the fake HJ honour badges in gold marked M1/70. If you see a fake M1/70 badge that is not on the list, please post it or the link. So far, two different "versions" of this fake are known. The more modern version with coffin pin attachment is numbered in the 5000`s, and the...
  3. H

    HJ Membership badge stickpin unmarked

    Hello Recently acquired this HJ membership pin, though, upon closer inspection, it does not seem like a genuine one. It does have what appears to be 3 small markings on the backside where I assume another catch/needle would be sitting, but it has no other markings besides that. Likewise, it has...
  4. W

    HJ Summer cap

    Hello first post figured I would try out thoughts on this side cap considered picking up but have been learning not to be so inpolsive much different than when started this massive collection I am not holding out much hope on this cap new dealer I just picked up an SA stickpin from had this cap...
  5. mkholst

    Is this a Hitler Youth HJ stickpin?

    Hi guys What is this ??? HJ-related ??? or ??? I think that the letters on the pin is S L A - but I can't find anything about it. Any help will bee welcome. Michael :denmark
  6. frostkrom

    Real or Fantasy? Jungvolk DJ Shooting badge stickpin

    Hi, i don´t see this before. Is this a fake? Greets Christian
  7. Y

    HJ membership badge stickpin - reproduction?

    Have been told this is a old repo. youthman
  8. Fallschirmjager

    Marine-HJ Gefolgschaft Lübben - summer cap with tally?

    Bought this cap from a high end dealer in the UK. Was from a large HJ collection, or so I was told. One of nicest condition items I have, condition-wise. What I don't like is there is sign it had an eagle stickpin hole above diamond (barely). Makers label is there. No RZM tag of course. Could...
  9. J

    Miniature (14mm) HJ Membership stickpin - microanalysis

    I know there is a thread on these here, because i posted on it a few months ago, but cant find it? anyway, i have a small unmarked one that i looked at in detail.... I posted this info on the WRF, but will do so here as well for the benefit of those here who dont visit there. After taking...
  10. R

    Hitler Youth membership badge stickpin M1/14

    I uploaded the wrong picture last time. Anyone know what this is worth? Its the small version of the HJ stickping, with maker marks. I've had it over 10 years, originally from a contact in Germany. Thanks, Tim.
  11. J

    NSD-Studentenbund Honor Badge

    The Honor Badge of the NSD-Studentenbund (Ehrenzeichen des NSDStB)9 march 1934 Another example of where the Military Advisor has gotten it wrong. Vol 18 NO 3 2007, there is an Article about the Honor stickpin of the NSD-Studentenbund by Clyde Davis. it’s a good article in general about the...
  12. Panther

    HJ membership stickpin - no RZM markings

    Hi Guys, Views on this one would be appreciated. It is pretty well made. My Best Panther
  13. S

    M1/70 HJ honour badge stickpin

    never seen a pin version of one of these before ?????? ,
  14. Z

    HJ stickpin membership badge for civilian clothes

    I was looking for one of these pins since a while and finally I got one in Austria. Here it is :
  15. E

    Is there a list of Hitler Youth member?

    Several years ago I picked up an HJ grouping consisting of knife, canteen, breadbag, belt/buckle, armband and some small items like a stickpin and 5 reichsmark note. The breadbag has a name tag sewn in. I googled the the name and came up with a gentleman in Germany who was some type of...
  16. V

    Interesting Kriegsberufswettkampf 1944 certificate (Graz, Austria) with stickpin

    Kriegsberufswettkampf 1944. Some new by me. Interesting urkunde and with it I get this small pin miniature . First time see that eagle with hj symbol.
  17. cemifor

    Miniature HJ membership badge on stickpin RZM 14

    Bought this today at a Danish militaria fair: Miniature badge on stickpin. Marked RZM in circle and 14 Total lenght: 54 mm Badge length: 14 mm Badge wide: 8 mm Compare size with triangle ../henrik .
  18. Weibliche

    Small BDM paperwork grouping (NSDAP membership card, BDM achievement badge...)

    Hello again~ Here is a nice little 4 piece document grouping belonging to a young woman named Gerta Druckenmuller-Preissing. First up is her BDM membership card with supplemental card for dues stamps. The card is folded over in the scan, but it is all there. It looks like she is wearing a RJA...