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    Unterführer-fünfkampf - HJ lower leader pentathlon

    I can't remember where I copied this photo from but I thought I'd post it here with a little info. Another item to go searching for perhaps :)

    The Ünterführerfünfkampf was a five-discipline sports competition for those male leaders who did not qualify by virtue of age or or rank to take part in the 'Führer-Zehnkampf' or Leaders' decathlon (resulted in the award of the Golden Leader sports badge) see here for more on that competition.

    The Ünterführerfünfkampf (lower leader pentathlon) was a test of sporting achievement for lower leaders and was introduced on the 6th of May 1938.

    The following ranks took part:



    * had to be under 30 years old on the day of the competition
    **had to be under 18 years old on the day of the competition

    The participants were split into two age bands:

    Stufe 1 - 14 to 17
    Stufe 2 - 18 to 29

    The required minimum points total was 2000 for Stufe 1 and 2500 for Stufe 2. Successful leaders were presented with the folder you can see on the picture which was signed by the Bannführer. There was no badge. The competition was held at Stamm or Bann level and had to be completed by the 15th of August in any given year.

    The events were:

    100m sprint
    Indian club throwing

    A similar three-event competition was introduced for the BDM and JM lower leaders (Unterführerinnendreikampf) in 1940 (including the BDM/JM higher leader pentathlon competion (Führerinnenfünfkampf) for which an equivalent to the male Golden Leader sports badge was apparently awarded (this badge is mentioned in 'Das kommende Deutschland' 1940 Günter Kaufmann but no more is known about it).

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