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    DJ fanfare banner regulations and changes to Landjahr fanfare banners 1940

    Some of you may remember a previous discussion about whether the manufacture of DJ fanfare banners was controlled by the RZM. None of us had any concrete evidence for or against at the time. I've since found information on this in a Reichsbefehl RJF:

    effective from the 30th of July 1937 an RJF Reichsbefehl (28/II) states that all DJ fanfare banners were to be issued with the rune applied to one side of the banner only and that the receiving units were to apply their own designs to the other. These designs were subject to approval in advance at Gebiet level.

    That order explains two things really. Firstly it explains why we sometimes see single sided DJ fanfare banners and secondly it proves that the RZM had control of production prior to July 1937.


    The green Landjahr trumpet banners were discontinued in 1940 and Landjahr units were instructed to replace them with single-sided but otherwise standard HJ trumpet banners with the stipulation that the receiving unit apply a county/city/town crest to the other side. So, if you see one of those it may well be a post-1940 Landjahr trumpet banner. Someone on the forum has a nice Westfalen I think.

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    Very interesting Garry. Thanks for posting.

    The only info I can remember seeing pertinent to this issue is in Phil Baker's "Youth Led by Youth" Volume 1, wherein he reprints "Uniformen der HJ" from 1933. There is an annotation to the depiction of the DJ trumpet banner stating that both sides are to be the same. He also adds a personal note saying that in spite of this requirement a great deal of thought and ingenuity went into the designs for the reverse sides of trumpet banners.

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    Deutsches Jungvolk Gebiet 25 fanfare banner

    And since we're on the subject of trumpet banners with stylised designs to non-Rune sides, you'll forgive me if I post my one:
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    thats a killer banner toby lovely stuff, garry that certainlt explains the one sided banners as they obviously where never finished on the second side

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    yes a really stunning banner, thanks for that info gary....


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    Toby that has to be on of the most beautifull banners i have ever seen.

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    Take note folks, that's what a rare trumpet banner looks like!:drool:

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    Very nice Toby , wow !

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    Super trumpet! :drool:

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    Very interesting Garry,the banner I put on the old forum is a double sided rune with a allmost washed out cloth RZM labeland silver metal fringing ,the fresh info you have provided dates mine pre 1937,well done.regards Roger
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