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    Manion's used to be a great place to buy and sell. There have been problems with sellers not being paid. There's a long thread on WAF about the buisness practices they use. It's worth checking now and again, sometimes stuff goes for cheap.

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    I was bidding on a couple of those and was shocked with the prices they went for and a bit ticked off to say the least. But like everything else it come come down the line eventually and everything is a like to have not a must have anymore

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    Today I tried to register but I don't have a credit card.

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    contact them through email and explain that to them adding that you only use paypal, they don't have my credit card and I do a fair amount of business with them always through paypal. Good luck

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    If you register I would really recommend only using Manions auctions as a buying platform. There are some threads on WAF regarding people waiting months or even years to get paid for items they consigned. There are better consignment options out there.

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    I understand the payment problems have been sorted out for the most and have not heard any complaints for some time

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    It seems there are still problems according to some posters in this thread Paul.

    Manion's slow pay - Page 23 - Militaria Forums

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    UGLY they publicly addressed the problem last MAX and assured many this was being addressed and some of the biggest complaints where paid out but obviously there is still a very big problem there. Very odd for a consignment business to cut off the heads that feed it glad I just buy there

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    It's odd. Seems some consigners are being paid and others just ignored. I agree, strange way to do buisness.

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    I think the ones being paid are the dealer types who sell off dead stock and excess through them . I guess a name gets you the service in this case

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