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    HJ Winter cap - no original but what is it?

    Have a look at these pictures guys. Yes, the cap isn't an
    original but does someone recognise the type? Is this perhaps a civilian cap fro0m the period 1940-45? In my opinion the badge is authentic. I look forward to your opinions

    Leute, schaue mal nach diese Bilder. Klar, diese Mütze ist keine originale rzm Mütze. Kennt jemanden dieses Model? Haben wir vielleicht zu tun mit eine civiele Mutze aus der Periode 40-45? Die Raute ist schon original, so denke ich.

    Ich höre gerne.



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    Not good ...civilian ski cap .

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    Joecool, aber aus die Jahren 40-45? Wurde diese Mütze auch durch die HJ damals getragen?

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    Hi Leona and welcome to the forum. Would you be able to post in English please? We don't have the translation facility on the forum any more unfortunately.


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    sorry. I Didn't know that. I'm quite new here.

    Please look at the pics. For sure, this is not a real original
    Winter cap. But what is it? The membership badge looks original. Is the cap from the HJ period? Where these caps also worn at that time? I'm very interested.

    Do you know it?



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