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    Marine-HJ summer side cap (Sommermütze) worn with the "Fahrtenanzug" (camp uniform)

    I was asked a question through PM and thought it might be of use to some of you if I posted the answer here too.

    The Marine-HJ wore a side cap when wearing a uniform called the 'Fahrtenanzug' (camp uniform). It was the standard HJ summer cap but with golden yellow identification cord. After 1940 this uniform was only worn by DJ boys who were transferring to the Marine-HJ. It was introduced to allow all boys to look the same and to give them time in which to buy the full Marine-HJ uniform. The Fahrtenanzug was permitted for wear until the rest of the Marine-HJ went into winter uniform. By that time the boys were expected to have obtained the full Marine-HJ uniform.

    The side cap for the revised Fahrtenanzug was the standard HJ type but with marine blue cord. The rest of the uniform was standard HJ summer uniform but with Marine-HJ straps and the sleeve patch "Sonderarmscheibe des Fahrtenanzugs der Marine-HJ" anchor patch (blue cloth disc with yellow anchor worn on the middle of the lower left sleeve).

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    Is this the hat. Angola said it was a 1944 pattern.
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    Wow that is one rare hat Paul thank you very much for sharing

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    The information on the cap relates to regulations dated 1938 to 1940 and according to those regulations the cap for the Fahrtenanzug is the standard HJ summer cap but with marine blue cord (Biese). I don't have anything on your cap Paul but its colours do make sense and because my regs stop at 1943 I can't say that such a cap was not introduced for the Marine-HJ later.

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    I have never seen one before . This one looks good to me , however ; I have nothing to reference it to .

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    i have issues with the tag being in used condition but the silk like lining beiing i such good condition, id like some better shots of the cap if possible, ive never seen any regs for such a cap but im no expert on HJ regs.

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    I had more detailed look into this. The Fahrtenanzug (camp uniform) I mentioned above had previously included a summer cap (normal HJ style but with gold cord) and this is mentioned in the book 'Aufbau und Abzeichen der Hitler-Jugend' from 1940. 'The MHJ Fahrtenanzug is the standard HJ summer uniform but with a golden yellow cord on the cap and shoulder straps'.

    In 1940 regulations were published which now meant that the previous MHJ Fahrtenanzug was now to be worn by DJ boys transferring to the MHJ only (as described in my post above). The changes were that the summer cap now had marine blue cord and that MHJ shoulder straps (blue/gold) and the anchor patch were worn.

    So, there was a standard beige summer cap worn by the MHJ prior to 1940 which had a golden yelow identification cord. After the regulation of 1940 the MHJ did not wear a HJ summer cap and instead wore the standard MHJ headgear 'Dienstmütze für Mannschaften' in either the summer or winter configuration.

    The old MHJ Fahrtenanzug continued to be worn by the DJ boys who were transferring to the MHJ as I said above. Standard HJ summer cap (with marine blue identification cord), MHJ shoulder straps and the MHJ anchor patch on the sleeve.

    If your cap is period Paul then it must have been introduced later than 1942 or have been for a different purpose altogether.

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    Nice seldom seen cap.

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    Thanks for the replies. This cap was bought in 1983 at an antique shop for $35. It was marked Nazi cap. Paul

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    Hermann Historica has one of your caps Paul. It is described as being for HJ-Marinehelfer which dates these items to the beginning of 1943 when the first HJ were put into this role. Looks like your $35 was a very good investment
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