You see this mentioned quite often where people talk about when exactly we can say that items were controlled by the RZM and therefore whether an item should be marked accordingly. The official announcement that the RZM now controlled HJ, BDM, DJ and JM clothing, equipment and insignia was published in RJF Verordnungsblatt II/8 29th of July 1934. I thought I would translate it and post it here.

Production and sales:

  • HJ, BDM, DJ and JM clothing, equipment and insignia now under the control of the RZM
  • The authority to make and sell such items can only be issued by the RZM
  • Sale of the items only permitted through official RZM outlets and only to persons who are in possession of the appropriate membership card
  • If a membership card has not yet been issued then an authorisation signed by either the Gefolgschaftsführer, Fähnleinführer, Mädelgruppenführerin or JM-Gruppenführerin must be provided to show that the boy or girl is allowed to buy in an RZM outlet

Items already in stock prior to this order were subject to the following requirements:

  • All items in stock that meet 80% of the RZM requirements on materials used but that otherwise meet the requirements to 100% will receive transitional RZM labels and will be authorised for sale. Transitional labels are not, however, to be applied to the following items: rank insignia, shoulder straps, all buttons (including metal buttons), jacket rear and side hooks, belts, cross-strap attachments and toggles
  • All future production must have the correct RZM labels/markings. Items without such labels/markings are not authorised for sale

Control of companies:
  • It is the responsibility of the RZM to ensure that companies are in compliance. It is not the responsibility of units to ensure compliance but all occurrences of non-compliance with RZM policy are to be reported and the company politely warned by the Bann or Unterbann. Repeated occurrences are to be reported to Department I of the RJF
  • If items are noticed in an RZM outlet that are marked as RZM-compliant but in fact are not then an example should be purchased and sent to Department I of the RJF with the label, the address of the outlet and the price paid

Publishing of orders(instructions
  • Unit leaders are reminded that they are not permitted to publish local orders/instructions that deviate, even minimally, from those of the RZM and that they will be held responsible for any damages caused.
  • All relevant orders/instructions/regulations will be published in the 'Mitteilungsblatt der RZM' and units will receive information on how to receive a copy
  • The Gebiete and Obergaue have received pattern items and these remain valid. If any changes are required to these pattern pieces these will be made and the revised items will be distributed. Authorisation to sell the older items will be given
  • All clothing, equipment and insignia that are currently in use will remain valid as long as they are in accordance with the book 'Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ' and any subsequent instructions. If changes to the materials used are subsequently required for such items their validity

The authorisation of companies
  • If the Gebiete, Obergaue or indeed lower-level units require the services of companies that do not have an RZM licence they are to request the appropriate application forms from the RZM. The applications should be sent to Department I of the RJF along with a description of the problem. The RJF will discuss this with the RZM with a view to getting the company authorised

  • The following items will be delivered exclusively through the RJF and orders are to be placed with the RJF at Gefolgschaft (and equivalent) level or higher:
    • Area and Landjahr triangles
    • DJ rune patches
    • Landjahr shoulder straps
    • Tradition triangles
    • Marine-HJ hat tallies
    • BDM cloth diamonds
    • Sports badges
    • Qualification badges
    • Shoulder straps for the rank of Bannführer and higher (including those in staff appointments)

There is a little more but that is essentially the content. Hope it is of interest.