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Feb 12, 2011
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Hi Guys

I have just bought this Streifendienst-strap from Col. Guild. I like it, but do you ???

Bann 57 I think it is West - Ruhr/Niederrhein, is that correct ???

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I am going away for a few days, and looking foreward to see your comments when home Again. :001_cool:

Michael :denmark


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Yes that's Correkt.
Very nice Strap.
You got a super nice factory applied litze strap for a cheap price .
mmm... I think this is a Deutsches Jungvolk strap? SRD is normal white cord.
I agree this appears to be D.J. and not Strief, but, it's still a nice strap and as Joe has pointed out factory applied litzen under the piping.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS GUYS - I will return with som pics of my own, when I have it in my hand. Then we must see if it is a DJ or a Streifendienst strap. I think I will have it by post in 1½ - 2 week.

Untill then

Michael :denmark
Hi Guys - letters from Canada to Denmark goes faster than I thought. :clap2:

I have taken 2 close-up pics of the strap.

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You don't have permission to view attachments.

The cord is not real white (could be aging ??) but i.m.o. not real gray - no 57 is real White. I can see on other posts on this forum, that it is very difficult to se the diference betwen DJ sand Streif

I thought that this type of strap should be leader, ifl it is DJ, but this is only a Oberrottenführer !!

If it is DJ, is the value in USD more than Streifendienst or less ?

If DJ, where can iI read more (on the internet) about this type of DJ-straps as they are not mentioned in any of my books.

Again i am leaving for a few days - and looking foreward to se your judgement and answers on my many questions. I hope that you can help me to get sure about what I have bought.

Michael :denmark


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It appears to be Strief, from your photos IMO. Perhaps the photos from the Guild were not taken in bright lighting or something but this appears to be Striefendienst from your photos to me. As for value they are about the same for me.
Hi again Guys

I am back home again - nice to see more opinions - my cnclusion at present:

Streifendienst with factory aplied litze.

THANKS FOR ALL COMMENTS AND OPINIONS - Again, this forum has shown to be the right place to get serious judgement.

PS: where on the internet can I find something about the DJ-straps that looks like Streifendiens ?:Cry:????????????

Michael :denmark
Respectfully, the grey is too uniform to be age I think. I hope I am wrong but I do think this is DJ not Streifendienst.
Hi Joe

Thanks for the link to your post about DJ/STREIF-straps, it is very illustrative and it shows just how difficult it is to se the difference. As I mentioned in my earliere post the. no. 57 is white, and as you write that it is the no. I have to look at, and not the cord . So with that in mind I will stay on my conclution that it is STREIF.

But only 99% sure.

As i mentioned before, it is only a Oberrottenführer, and I do not consider this rank as "leader", and therefore i.m.o. the strap can not be DJ - but I can be wrong about my definition about "leader"

Still nice with all your comments - I LIKE THEM ALL.

Hi Michael , before anything ... this is what our forum is mostly about ... knowledgeable members helping out other members with credible information ... that is why we are considered a THREAT to the so called "Gurus" of the Militaria community .
Hi guys

Yesterday the postman came with a set of Streifendienst-boards ( se this thread

I can now clearly se, that my 57-strap is DJ. I can also se, that if you do not have both type of boards in hand, it is very difficult to see the difference.

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You don't have permission to view attachments.

BUT I still think, that it is strange with a DJ leaderboard in the rank as low as a Rottenführer. ANY COMMENTS ON THAT ????

Michael :denmark


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Agree, it is a D.J. strap. As for rank, HJ and DJ straps are often found missing rank devices, or with devices added from my experience.