HJ and BDM uniform in Berlin 1945

Jun 21, 2016
Thanks Received
Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for my english SO MUCH!
i'm interesting of reconstuction, and reconstruction of HJ and BDM including. alas, in Russia are no many places to wear HJ-BDM unifrorm (
But however
My yonger comrad was HJ-boy at reconstruction "Berlin 1945" at last year. He had very nice uniform, but he had some questions to me about it. He is 12 now (near to 13), but he wore HJ-armbrand. Is it true?

I would like to reconstruct a member of BDM, but I'm afraid that will not work due to age.

Can anyone suggest (with a photo or report) looked like the uniform of the members of the BDM and HJ in April-May 1945, what were the armbrands, etc.

And another question because I'm confused in the sources, how many years lasted the membership HJ and BMD. My friend must still be in the Deutsches jungvolk, but he wore a armband of HJ, as were several other boys there. I will soon turn 20, but I know that BDM was to 22 year old it seems. Is that right?

Thanks to all.