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Oct 2, 2015
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Hello friends,

I'm new in this great forum and started digging in.
As a student of WWII warfare I became intrigued by the battle of BERLIN in April 1945.
In the process of trying to determine which German units were engaged in the battle I came across the HJ.
Here I have to explain myself a bit. The general literature about the battle always falls back on the major (well-known) units. 11. SS-Div. Nordland, 18. PGD, Pz-Div Müncheberg, the 9. FJD and very small numbers of he 20. PGD. They belonged to the LVI Corps commanded by Gen WEIDLING.
The organization of troops in the city changed from Corps to the different sectors with their own commanders. Other units present are also wellknown: Wachbataillon LAH, Wachregiment GD, some French volunteers etc
In the literature Volkssturm and HJ are put rather "general" in the spotlights (although,I admit, some VS-Units like the one of SIEMENSSTADT are relatively well documented)
For the HJ-Banns of Berlin it is even more difficult to find any documentation.
With this thread I would like to compile a literature list of books/articles were the BERLIN HJ-Banns are mentioned with their designation/name and actions in april/mai1945. The purpose is to lift these Banns out of anonymity (in relation to the battle of Berlin) and to give students of history a tool to dig into this dark era.
If I'mcorrect (I'm a novice in the field of HJ) the Berlin HJ-Banns were:
6. Wedding - Reinickendorf
21. Horst Wessel - Prenzlauer Berg
37. Wilmersdorf - Zehlendorf
61. Neukölln - Treptow
129. Lichtenberg - Köpenick
155. Kreuzberg - Stadtmitte
198. Charlottenburg - Spandau
199. Pankow - Weißensee
200. Steglitz - Tempelhof
201. Moabit- Schöneberg
So here is my small contribution ; please feelfree to throw in your info.

BANN 6 : Panzerbär, 28th of April 1945.
" A HJ-Panzerjagdtrupp from Bann 6 destroys a tank near a bridge Hennigsdorf..."
BANN 21 : Panzerbär, 27th of April 1945.
" a Panzerjagdkommando from Bann 21 destroys a T-34 in the Thornerstrasse"
BANN 37 : Der Deutsche Fallschirmjäger, 1955 , Art. "Dem Chaos entgegen" by HerbertBONATH
" In the Parätzerstrasse goes a „Trupp" HJ;the commander of Bann 37 is amongstthem"
BANN 129 : Panzerbär, 29th of April 1945
" In the sectorHeerstrasse - Olympische Brücke a Kampfgruppe of Bann 129 repells Sovjet attacks launched from Bahnhof Heerstrasse..".
German Red cross, Bd AZ page 697
" Bann Berlin-Köpenick (Bann 129 ?) has listed HJ WEDEL Harald as missing in Berlin "
BANN 198 : German Red cross, Bd AZ page 698 and 740
" HJ-Kampfgruppe Bann 198 lists 3 members as missing inBerlin "
" HJ-Einsatz Berlin-Spandau (Bann 198 ?) lists 3 members asmissing in Berlin"
BANN 201 : German Red cross, Bd AZ page 699
" Bann 201 has listed HJ DANKO Johann as missing in April 1945 inBerlin "
HJ-Bann Lager Berlin Reichssportfeld (???) : German Red cross, Bd AZ page 709
"This Bann (?) lists 9 members as missing inBerlin "



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Oct 2, 2015
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Hello friends,
In annex you'll find a 1938 map with the "Verwaltungsbezirke" where the 10 Berlin Banns were located.

Bann 6. Wedding – Reinickendorf
Bann 21. Horst Wessel - Prenzlauer Berg
Bann 37. Wilmersdorf - Zehlendorf
Bann 61. Neukölln – Treptow
Bann 129. Lichtenberg – Köpenick
Bann 155. Kreuzberg – Stadtmitte
Bann 198. Charlottenburg – Spandau
Bann 199. Pankow – Weißensee
Bann 200. Steglitz – Tempelhof
Bann 201. Moabit– Schöneberg


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