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    Modified DJ Leader Straps

    Post 1938 DJ Fahnlienführer straps, period modified from Jungbann 224 Kurhessen West, to Jungbann 2 Pommern Ost. The embroidered numbers have actually been removed from the straps, leaving a "ghost" in the material and the metal 2 has been added as is common on later HJ/DJ leader straps. Perhaps this leader was reassigned or moved and did this until new insignia could be obtained.

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    Or he just sold his shirt to someone who was in the Jungbann 2 Pommern Ost. :D
    Nice pair!

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    nice pick darin u seem to be doing very well just of late maybe someone needs to turn some pipes in different directions to keep you at work longer so some of us have a chance of getting some new items:laugh: well done nice pair

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    Well Steve, we have a saying here in the US. "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!"

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    u fool so can u send me some of thoses nuts then

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    Well, I've busted the collecting budget for at least a couple of weeks so there won't be any competition for me until next month. ;)

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    hey it is fall there are lots of NUTS dropping around

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