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    Clever thinking about the marketability of 'jazzing' it up to make it much more appealing

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    ONE THING i HAVE NOTED ON THESE IS THE ENGRAVING is very shallow and most are very worn


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Mc View Post
    My personal belief is that the HJ emblem was added to an already finished complete knife directly after the war to sell to GI's to make them more appealing. The regular knife without the diamond was very plain and unsellable. Mike
    I'm in agreement with Mike on this as I stated in my first post on the thread. Who would want a souvenir from the Third Reich era that did not have a swastika on it?



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    Here are some images of my "mystery" knife... As you can see, it too is in real nice, unissued condition, as most are. It is obvious that the rivet holding the front blade tension spring in place was removed so the spring could be removed temporarily to install the HJ diamond. The HJ diamond has enough movement that I can just barely see under it. Using an eye loupe and an intense mini light I can clearly make out the RZM mark on the back of the diamond. And yes, this little beauty was purchased in Virginia directly from the WW2 Veteran that brought it back from the war. I've been aware of the controversy surrounding this little knives for a long time. This is why I couldn't wait to find one for myself. Very clearly, the HJ diamond was added after the scabbard was completed and painted. I feel these were made up special during the TR period for some event that never took place. They were to be used as gifts, awards or just sold as keep sakes. We'll very likely never know the answer. The fact is, several of these were brought back by WW2 Veterans and nearly all are in unissued condition. Some GI probably wondered into a factory storage area and found a box of these little knives and handed them out like candy to his buddies. Or more likely used them as trade items. This is one possible explanation for them all being in unissued condition.
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    YOU NEED A SIGNED AFFIDAVIT from the vet with pics and IMO there will still be the same controversy. Is this maker marked ? Would be interesting to list known examples by maker just to see how widespread this is


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    My Uncle was the commander of a P-47 Thunderbolt squadron. Fifty missions! He was based out of England. The year before he passed away, I had the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about his many experiences over there. There's way too much to talk about here, but one thing I found that was extremely interesting was the absolute stone mint SA dagger, RZM M7/13 by Arthur Schuttelhofer that he brought back. I asked him how he got it and he told me that since his outfit was based in England, the fliers never set foot on the ground in Germany (if they were lucky). The GIs were coming back with all kinds of goodies but there was no way for the USAAF guys to get a souvenir. One day when he went to the mess tent, there were several cases of brand new, unissued Arthur Schuttelhofer SA daggers.. All the guys took one, and the rest is history. I don't know how many of you guys are into daggers but if you look around, there are minty RZM M7/13 SA daggers readily available. Now you know why ..

    I shared this with you because now you can see how and why all of these little DJ "mystery" knives are often found in minty unissued condition. I am a firm believer that these were produced during the Third Reich period and not just thrown together after the war to sell to GIs as souvenirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    YOU NEED A SIGNED AFFIDAVIT from the vet with pics and IMO there will still be the same controversy. Is this maker marked ? Would be interesting to list known examples by maker just to see how widespread this is

    Hi Paul,

    I have already tried to find the Vet that brought this little knife back, but to no avail.. I am afraid the trail has gone cold..

    There is no maker mark on this one..

    all the best ..

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    Thanks for posting the pictures and the results of your close inspection. One thing I always think when I see these knives is that other TR period knives with a organistational symbol have it on the hilt, grip or some other part of the knife itself, not the scabbard. I'm not a knife collector but I find this thread and the differing opinons and evidence to be really interesting.

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    I have been collecting since the 60s and seems to me these knives only began to show up in the late 80s but stand to be corrected. There is no pedigree for them at all and I find the diamond on the scabbard totally out to lunch. If there is only one maker identified and some confirmation that they where found stored in one place then I might start believing


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    I remain open minded about these little knives, and it is certainly an enigma, to be sure.

    Say you already have a stock of the little knives without the HJ diamond on the scabbards. And you want to mount an HJ insignia for some special up coming event. You're only option would be to mount the diamond or whatever insignia on the scabbard, unless you have a stock of spare grip plates with the diamond recesses molded into them standing by. Not likely. Because I am completely convinced by the testimonies of people like Ron Weinand, Tom Johnson and many more, and I know where this one came from, I know these were produced during the TR period. Or shortly thereafter, but not in the 60s or 80s. Can I prove that with an affidavit? Sadly, I cannot. You can tell, while holding it in hand and under close inspection, that the mounting of this insignia was not haphazardly done. The above is only my opinion and theory .. Makes sense to me ..

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