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    Hitler Youth HJ collection update

    Heres some new stuff, and some of my old stuff.

    Admin edit for search:
    Deutsches Jungvolk rank patches:
    DJ Hordenführer
    DJ Oberhordenführer
    DJ Jungenschaftsführer
    DJ Oberjungenschaftsführer
    DJ Jungzugführer
    DJ Oberjungzugführer
    DJ Oberbann sleeve runes:

    Oberbann 1
    Oberbann 2
    Oberbann 3
    Oberbann 4
    HJ Scharführer / DJ Jungzugführer lanyard

    Deutsches Jungvolk membership card
    Deutsches Jungvolk shooting badge
    Deutsches Jungvolk Achievement badge and miniature version
    Second pattern Deutsches Jungvolk membership badge
    First pattern Hitler Youth Arbeiterjugend membership badge
    Jungbann 595 shoulderstrap
    Early Deutsches Jungvolk sleeve rune
    Various HJ tinnies
    First pattern Landjahr shoulder straps and Landjahr Gebietsdreieck
    Hitler Youth pennant
    Bann 481 shoulderstrap
    BDM Südost Kärnten
    BDM West Köln-Aachen
    BDM Mitte Thüringen
    HJ West Köln-Aachen

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    I see a lot of stuff that I like Shane. Collection is coming along nicely, neat to see it together in pics.

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    thanx. im looking to trade the BDM district triangles for HJ ones. I just got them on a deal with other stuff i wanted.

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    nice group coming along nice , but would keep the BDM you will be after them later on :canada:

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    I agree with Paul
    Keep the BDM insignia , you will only have to find it in the future again , and then problibly will be paying more for it .

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    looking good shane

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    Yea im sure u guys are right. Im just not into bdm stuff.

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    Nice lot Shane

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    just think Girls Shane and you will be okay :canada:

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    So true paul haha

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